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We offer a range of denture services to Little Current and Espanola.

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Denture Service in Little Current and Espanola, ON

Are you looking for reliable denturists and denture services in the Little Current and Espanola region?

With two convenient locations to serve Manitoulin Island and the North Shore, Manitoulin Denture Clinic offers dependable denture services in downtown Little Current and Espanola. As the area’s full-time denturist, Leanne Bentley at Manitoulin Denture Clinic provides a full range of services from personalized cosmetic dentures to dentures on implants.

Do you need help as a current denture wearer or professional guidance in deciding which denture can meet your needs? Call us today to schedule an appointment and free consultation.

We are looking forward to providing the benefits of precise, professional denture fittings:

→ Looking younger, eating well and feeling great

→ Improved oral health and overall wellbeing

→Correct facial support and improved comfort

An In-House Lab & Same-Day Adjustments


You don’t have to wait long for your new dentures at Manitoulin Denture Clinic. With our own in-house denture lab and experienced clinical dental technicians, we are able to offer high-quality dentures fabricated on our premises.

We also want your smile to be as good as new as soon as possible, which is why we offer same-day denture adjustments and relines.


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Denture Services in Little Current and Espanola


We offer denture services at two of our clinics.