Permanent Dentures with Bar and Anchor Attachments, in Espanola and Little Current

Looking for permanent dentures on implants near you?

Manitoulin Denture Clinic offers the stability and permanence of dentures on implants to Manitoulin Island and the North Shore. Unlike dentures that you remove, dentures on implants securely attach to new, implanted roots made of titanium that anchor your dentures.

Our denture clinics in downtown Little Current and Espanola provide two types of implants:

On Bars

Bars are firmly attached to the implants, providing the retention for the denture

On Anchors

Two retentive anchors supported by implants secure the denture to your jaw in a similar way to snap fasteners

  • Natural Look & Long-Term Benefits

Dentures on implants should feel and behave more like your natural teeth since the implants fuse with the upper and lower jawbones, acting like the roots of the teeth you have lost. The implants also stimulate the bone and tissues while letting you experience normal chewing patterns.

Book a free consultation to learn more about how dentures on implants could be your solution for major tooth loss. The benefits can include:

 Providing long-lasting and stable replacement for natural teeth

 The ability to chew naturally and more comfortably

 Preserving the jawbone and maintaining your facial structure

 Improved health by supporting normal eating habits and digestion

 Improved comfort and natural speech patterns

 Increased self-confidence

Manitoulin Denture Clinic

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