Maximum Comfort & Confidence With Same-Day Denture Adjustments and Relines, in Espanola and Little Current

After repeated use and along with the normal wear and tear over time, your dentures can become loose and they might require some repairs and adjusting.

If your dentures are slipping, uncomfortable, or causing irritation, bring them to Manitoulin Denture Clinic in downtown Little Current or Espanola for a dependable denture adjustment or reline. Rather than a few days or even a week, you will have your dentures back the same day and fitting properly.

Have you lost weight? This can affect the fit of your dentures. Are your dentures new? Our denturist and lab technicians are here to help you through the adjustment period.

Relines for Comfort & Confidence

Do you have sore spots or discomfort caused by your dentures? Have you had your dentures for a few years?


You may not need new dentures, but a reline to adjust to your changing gum line or gradual bone loss. Relines solve the problems of slipping dentures, giving you more confidence while speaking or eating.


Call toll free or locally for an appointment and information about same-day denture services in Espanola or Little Current.

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