More Stable Dentures - Overdentures in Little Current and Espanola

Have you lost most or all of your teeth? Manitoulin Denture Clinic can provide overdentures, which can give you the strength and function that your natural teeth had when they were in good condition.

Different from both traditional dentures and dentures over implants, overdentures can use root posts over your own tooth roots and caps to hold your new dentures in place. If you have lost your natural roots, an oral surgeon can install a dental attachment instead. The overdentures have better anchor strength, improved function and long-term health benefits.

Discuss the Benefits of Overdentures

We invite you to our denture clinic in Little Current or Espanola for a free consultation. Overdentures may be an appropriate approach if your natural tooth roots are still intact.

Unlike traditional dentures that use suction to stay in place, overdentures have stable retention in your upper and lower jaw that can offer these benefits:

 Better digestion because of more thorough chewing

 Stimulates the jawbone and slows bone loss

 Reduces the sinking or shrinking of facial features

 More comfort for both the upper and lower jaw

 Fewer problems with gum irritation and sores

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Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Leanne Bentley is a perfectionist in fitting patients with personalized cosmetic dentures.