Personalized Cosmetic Denturist Services for a Natural Smile, in Espanola and Little Current

Are you considering a partial denture due to missing teeth? Do you need complete dentures but are worried they will look artificial?

As a denturist in Espanola and Little Current, Leanne Bentley is a perfectionist in fitting patients with personalized cosmetic dentures. Dr. Bentley has over 15 years of experience as a denturist in Little Current and Espanola and works with patients in creating new smiles that suit their style and make them happy.

Your Natural Smile or Better

You can return to your original smile by having the shape, size and colour of your natural teeth duplicated in a partial or full denture. If you are replacing all of your teeth, Manitoulin Denture Clinic can make this your opportunity for an even better, but still natural looking, smile.

According to your preference, our in-house lab fabricates cosmetic dentures that give you the personalized qualities of:

 Comfort, fit and function

 Support for your facial features

 A more youthful appearance

 A more confident smile

Contact Dr. Leanne Bentley, a denturist in Espanola and Little Current, if you are in need of denture repairs or relines. Dr. Bentley also offers denture whitening and cleaning and can assist with the personalized fitting and fabrication of your night guard or sports protector (mouth guard).

Manitoulin Denture Clinic

Permanent Denture on Implants

Our clinic provides a reliable and stable denture on implants service in Little Current and Espanola.